Here Are 3 Free E-Commerce Website
Builders For Small Business In The USA

As a startup looking on to achieve success in the online arena, having an attractive website is your first goal. In the current era, you need an e-commerce website that will woo large following on your side and combine it with your products. Building such a website is not a walk in the park. To have one, you need to commit a substantial amount of money in areas such as hosting and web development. For a small business, raising such amounts can be a laborious affair. Particularly in the USA where going virtual is not optional, a small business can find it difficult to survive without a website. But how do you go about this? The answer is free e-commerce website builders. With these builders, all you need is your mind and products to start selling online. Here are the top 3 free site builders in the USA: www.shopify.com/tour/ecommerce-website


When you hear about Wix, a picture of an e-commerce website comes to your mind. Wix is the top-ranking platform for small businesses and startups seeking to try their hand in the virtual market. The platform comes with friendly features that align with the primary objectives of a small business. As a free e-commerce website builder, Wix focuses on fastening your online selling desires. It does so through providing you with an easy to use drag and drop editor.

Also, you can build your website in less than 5 minutes. Apart from this, Wix ensures that your website will have a higher chance for better ranking. The builder is optimized for the search engines. The platform also offers you solid and reliable customer support. Hence, you can be sure of success when you use Wix to build your free e-commerce site.


They say old is gold and experience wins as the best teacher. Well, when you think about a free e-commerce website builder that has been in existence for a longer period, SITE123 should come to your mind. This platform leads others in age. SITE123 started more than 15 years ago meaning it has a lot to learn about e-commerce sites. Even though it is free, its features and customization opportunities tally those of some paid options.

Unlike its counterparts, this builder allows you to modify your templates to align them with your desires and business requirements. Also, you have a chance to optimize your website for search engines through the SEO functionalities. If you are tired of ads that do not add value to your business or customers, SITE123 should be your consideration. The platform is ad-free meaning they do not use your site as a place to channel their adverts. This way, you can control what your customers are receiving which is an upper hand in your online marketing.


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In this era, open sources are becoming a good way of creating online stores and websites. If you are in love with this option, Weebly should be your first consideration. This free e-commerce website builder comes along with awesome opportunities and freedoms that allow you to create a state-of-the-art web page. You get an opportunity to use features such as HTML and CMS to build an outstanding site without spending any dime.

Also, it supports your digital marketing efforts by offering you SEO optimization functionalities. So, regardless of running a free e-commerce site, you have a chance to rank higher on the search engine which means more sales and bucks in your pocket.

Wrapping up

In a word, building an e-commerce website as a small business owner is no longer a hard tackle. With a large number of free e-commerce website builders, you can achieve your dream of selling online. So, you have a zero excuse of being a left out.


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