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The popularity of e-commerce continues to grow, and there are signs of slowing down. While physical stores still make up the majority of sales, e-commerce sales are growing faster and soon will become the dominant option. The following article takes a detailed look at what e-commerce is all about and why you should consider going for the option, especially if you are running a business.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce incorporates any commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information online, i.e., across the internet. In the current digital age, e-commerce includes branded websites, marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, selling on different social media platforms and so on and so forth. Ideally, there are so many ways of reaching out to and marketing to consumers over the internet, and this is what e-commerce entails.

Three advantages of e-commerce

 Easy to start and run

Unlike the traditional brick and mortar retail outlets which required time to be set up and become fully functional, an e-commerce store can be set up and activated in just a few clicks. Generally, e-commerce platforms like Shopify let you use already existing templates to create your store and run it. Also, marketplaces like eBay and Amazon will require you only to set up an account before you start selling. Needless to say, if you are a business person and are looking for a quick start, e-commerce will be your best bet.

 Low cost

In many different ways, it costs less to start and run an e-commerce business. For starters, some e-commerce platforms and marketplaces are usually free to sign up and operate in. In addition, some platforms typically offer discounted rates on all drop shipping business done through their platforms. Regarding marketing, social media sites, organic search and Google Adwords usually allow its users to easily market their products and services without necessarily spending more than what they had budgeted for.

 Increased brand awareness

Through e-commerce, different brands have managed to successfully rise to the top and become household names through different aggressive online marketing campaigns. Many customers nowadays research online first before setting out to shop.

When doing this, most of them usually end up identifying and picking options that seem to be more appealing and affordable, and this is where aggressive brand awareness comes into play. Basically, through e-commerce, you can usefully make a sales pitch and in the process convince different clients to go for your products without necessarily spending more time than you have to.

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