Two best e-commerce website builders in 2018

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There are many online store builders around which claim to be the best. However, when you take a detailed look into some of the features they provide, I bet you will end up getting disappointed. A good e-commerce builder must meet certain conditions and most importantly, must be able to prove that it is the better option for the clients it already serves. That said, here is my short list of 2 e-commerce website builders which I believe are currently the best.


Shopify is simply one of the most reliable online store builders on the Internet today. The store builder comes with over 400,000 customers and features which you can take advantage of and set up a professional and attractive online shop. Since it has over 100 catchy storefront templates, you can be sure of identifying one that meets your specific needs.

One good thing about Shopify is that it has an array of themes which can easily fit well with different online businesses. Whether you are running a simple coffee shop or are into selling gaming systems, you can be sure of getting a theme that will fit your brand’s needs. Needless to say, once you identify and select the right theme, it is super easy to customize it and set it up.

Basic features:

Attractive themes, mobile support, full blogging capabilities, easy Search Engine Optimization, available web-based builder option, unlimited web hosting and bandwidth, free SL certificate, multiple languages, numerous plug-ins, and applications, etc.


Is an online store builder that has been running for over 14 years. Known for its beautiful visuals, Squarespace is well known for offering attractive and carefully organized layout that is easy for different people to use. Needless to say, the site builder has beautiful, professional themes which can easily be used by anyone starting or running an online retail store. With Squarespace, you get extensive styling options which can easily make your storefront shine and attractive.

Basic features:

High quality visual charged templates, strong mobile support, 24/7 care support, full blogging capabilities, robust branding capabilities and visuals, free domains, label printing, customer account, order processing, easy search engine optimization, SSL security and Google email.

Even though Squarespace might be a bit more expensive with starting costs, it is worth the investment, especially if your main aim is to build an excellent robust e-commerce site complete with functional tools and easy to use edit themes.

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